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03 September 2011 @ 10:47 pm
Yaa, as you might have noticed, I really don't go blogging around at here anymore. LJ is way too laggy for me and I like the idea of improving my Japanese while blogging. So...

If you're still interested about hearing me and about my rambles, visit here. http://ameblo.jp/nettuski/
I've had that blog at Ameblo about a year, but now I'm using it quite often.

Not gonna delete my account or blog here, since I like to visit a few communities here once in a while.

Thank you~! \o/
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29 July 2011 @ 01:14 am
Yo. Haven't updated anything in a while, mostly because LiveJournal KEEP LAGGING. Sucks. D8

Anyways... So, what to tell you about? My summer holiday is ending soon, - in about ten days -, which means the new semester is starting. Will work hard on this year, too. Wish me luck.

Also, to raise my health up a bit, I'll start jogging in my free time. Psychical exercise also helps me to get rid of thoughts and negative feelings, at least for a while. I need to find better running shoes, since I don't really own any. Tomorrow maybe, when I'll be going to town to buy me a new hair colour and to look for a school bag.

Oh, yeah, the new hair. I've decided to let it grow for now. Tomorrow's colour will be....... Auburn!
Like this:

I hope it'll turn out alright.

...Why do I feel like my entries here are so lame? I don't really blog about anything interesting... I think. Oh well. I might be a boring person. >_<;
I learned fifteen new kanjis today (the second grade ones). Shouldn't have took so much of them in the same time for learning, but I got excited~ Teehehee.

Hehe, I've been quite addicted to T.M Revolution for a while. Takanori's voice is awesomeness, though I don't really like him as a person... There's just something in him, don't know what. I also found an interesting band while browsing and listening to Chinese rock. A Chinese visual-kei band! They're called ''Silver Ash''. Go on and try their music, it's good. Chinese is a pretty language, after all.

Dewa. Also changed my layout.

- nettuski -
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10 July 2011 @ 12:28 am

Nekocon was quite fun today. Met up, accidentally actually, with my old neighbor. It was great to see her again. The conversation started like this:

Me: *stands up from a chair, chatting with someone*
She: *looks*
Me: *looks*
She: ''o.o; ...! Netta!''
Me: ''...Eh?! You! 8D''
She: ''Haha, I almost didn't regonize you. :D:D''
Me: ''I... Ahaha, wait, I'll just hug you. *hug*''
She: *hug*

We had a long talk, and I asked what she's been doing these past years. Mostly the same as me, though a bit longer. Means; studying Japanese.
She asked me to come over sometime. Nice, since she has the same interest as me and has been studying Japanese since the seventh grade... So four years? The holiday is going super fast though, need to see when I have free days again... Sigh.

I really, really, really don't feel like starting the new semester again. Can I just, like, live all the year in my bed? And longer please. Or just someone could kick me to another side of the world?

(Oh, and bought six books of ''Kimi wa Petto'', Japanese versions. And going to sell my Finnish translation mangas (about 130 books) sometime soon, as well my figures. Then going to save the money.)

And I'm just feeling... blank. Yes, blank. Worrying too much, caring too much, all that shit.

10 June 2011 @ 02:44 pm
 Summer. Spending it at our summer place.

The weather is lovely, but don't ask why I'm spending it inside. Soon off to a lake to swim though. It's too hot. *dying*

So, the summer holiday has began! I went to Tampere to spend time with Farna-senpai on Tuesday. Gladly saw a few other buddies there too. Had fun. \o/

Now off to swim.
(And why I can't make this entry any LONGER?! The weather is too hot for my brain to work correctly. D'8)

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21 May 2011 @ 05:49 pm
Yeah, I got a new haircut too! I didn't blonde my hair, since I thought it wouldn't suit me... At least not with this cut. 
Here's a pic of me.

I'm quite fond of it now. You can't see the new color very well, but it's dark mahjongbrown. I like the reddish tint it has. :D
Now I can leave to see D tomorrow with no panic! Hehe.
I'm listening to MUCC's ''Libra remix'' they played @ NHK Hall. 
I like this version. The one that was on the CD wasn't so good. I still like the original version of Libra the most. ムック!\o/
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18 May 2011 @ 05:44 pm
Yeah, I'm asking you. I want to do something to my hair! I would love to a blonde for even once in my life, but I don't think I can get it done for Sunday (D's concert). Mom is coming home in the tomorrow evening, so the dying and cutting will move to Friday.

Should I just dye my hair black then? It at least would be a safe choice, since I don't even know does blonde suit me! But I'd really like blonde gold or something... TT_TT


And on days like these I realise, how freaking much I love Indica. Their music was my childhood. <3
Here: www.youtube.com/watch.
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15 May 2011 @ 01:24 pm
Yes yes, I'm still alive, I just haven't updated here in a month. Sorry.

It's been a nice weekend. Farna came over here on Friday and we've spent the weekend by listening to Nightmare, writing fanfics and doing shopping! \o/
We also watched the Eurovision song concest yesterday. It's a bit sad Finland didn't do well in the final on this year either, but oh well. Stuff happens. Congratz to Azerbaijan though! Shall look forward what songs there will be next year. Maybe us Finns will do better then.

Hurrr, as I said, we've been writing. :D I've written, what, four chappies more in the weekend? Heh, that's a lot for me. But really, I'm proud of myself.

On Friday I found new shorts for myself. I shall wear them at D's concert! I'll post a picture of them on next week. They're really nice. (n_n)
PS. I'm still giggling to the thought of SID going camping to a forest... Would they survive a week there? Weeeeeelll... I think I wouldn't get my Shin-kun back in one piece. Oh, those men. xD
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12 April 2011 @ 07:43 pm
Hello people! I haven't updated here in a while, sorry. ^^;

Mm, life has been OK, though I really had a mental breakdown yesterday... I had to leave from school and stuff. But I'll manage! I'm now pretty much over it. Hopefully I won't get another one... At least not at school. I don't really like the thought I would burst in tears in the middle of the class next time.

But there are wonderful friends that cheer me up... Even though they might not know it. Thought that at least some people do read this blog cheers me up. So, thank you all! You mean a lot to me, really. (:_;)/ ♥ *tight hug*

But there are happier news too!

My Japanese lessons have ended now, but they'll continue again in autumn. But I've now passed Japanese ''course's first level-thing''! In the autumn I'll continue to the next one~ Thank you people in Twitter who congratulated me! o(〃^▽^〃)o

Now I'll just have to keep practising in the summer myself. Japanese is a language which I really want to learn. That's why I won't give up! はい、がんばります!!

I also did a blog to Ameba too! Here's the link! http://ameblo.jp/nettuski/
Feel free to add me as a friend, read my blog, PETA, or anything! I'd be glad to get more friends there. o(^▽^)o
And I'll be updating there more than here from now on... So, if you want to know about my life and obsessions more and quicker, read my Ameblo!

Oh, before I end this entry... Here's my new bag!

(By the way, there's my Akitty! :D) Isn't it lovely? (´www`)
I'm a very happy owner of it! I absolutely love its color and kimono-styled pattern... I already got a few nice comments of it today at school~

But now, that's all I had to tell you!
To the next time! ではまた!
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